Deva Towers


The Porech village Devich is a typical mountainous village, where the basic lifestyle of the local inhabitants is breeding cattle (sheep and goats). Deva lived in the Towers, she was one of the four King Marko's sisters. Deva Towers where named after her, therefore the near village got the name Devich. Pesha, who was Marko's sister too, lived in the great cave on the other hill across the road, which can be seen from the Towers. The cave was named after her - Peshna.

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There used to be stairs from the top of the Towers to the course of Treska and the corn and tobacco fields. There was a fountain on the last stair where Deva used to wash herself, and next to it the treasury was hidden - King Marko's gold, which was kept by some animal.

There is a real idyll under Deva Towers in this village nearby Makedonski Brod, the legends for Deva Towers  live till today.